Jean-Luc Pacaud


Rhythmics class for musicians, singers and dancers.

The class is open to beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

This workshop approaches the rhythm via the movement and the body and is addressed to musicians, singers and dancers.

Program :

To understand the relationship between music and movement through the work of the rhythms of the world.
Link these tools with the specificities of dance, music, singing.

The course presents the Brazilian technique "O 'PASSO" through several axes: the body, the writing, the group, the traditional and popular music.

The O'PASSO method makes it possible to understand and assimilate the fundamental principles and the technical aspects of rhythm, in a natural and playful way.

Themes covered:
- discover the O'PASSO technique
- the rhythms of the world
- polyrythmic compositions
- how to play a song, standards etc. in different styles of rhythms
- body percussions
- percussion workshop on objects

Jean-Luc Pacaud


Jean-Luc Pacaud is a percussionist, drummer, performer and composer.

He is an accompanist of classical, contemporary and jazz dance classes and trainer on the music / dance relationship..

He is a specialist in body percussion and world music.

For 20 years he has provided musical and educational training for dancers and musicians by working on the relationship between music, dance and voice.